More than just Managing a Missions Trip

Yes, the ServiceReef platform will allow you to manage all of your trips (or volunteer events) in a fraction of the time... and it will take the stress out of managing your fund raising.  [see how here]

But we know that your goals go far beyond any one trip... and ours do too.  So while ServiceReef will manage all the various aspects of missions engagement, we strive toward helping engage in your community in to develop a greater lifestyle of missions. 

We call this missional living and this is our common goal.  


The ServiceReef Difference

Instead of starting with a list of tools that needed to be built, we started with a philosophical question: What moves people towards serving again and again?    

There are factors that motivate individuals to continue serving, contributing, sharing, and giving.  ServiceReef provides the unique platform to partner with you to mobilize your community of volunteers for extraordinary impact on your local community and the world.  

Building a solution to manage events and save you time is simple.  Our goal is to help guide each individual to their next step of engagement and reveal the impact they have had to those closest to them.   

Beginning with this goal sets ServiceReef apart from simply being another technology.  ServiceReef is a platform built on a philosophy of missional engagement.  This philosophy drives our technology solutions.  Life change in our goal!

We know we share this as a common goal and we believe it is absolutely possible to help guide our communities toward greater engagement in missional living.  ServiceReef is here to help build this lasting culture with you in your community.  


Experience Drives Innovation

After working with over 1,000 organizations, churches, and universities around the world and consulting various mission projects in over 50 countries, we saw the deep need for a better solution for individuals to engage and keep engaging.  We also saw common struggles across organizations that demanded a lot of time and energy from volunteers or staff to keep each trip running smoothly.  

The years of experience across a broad range of opportunities guided us to build a platform out of a desire to save time and energy on running the basics so staff could focus more on accomplishing on the strategic mission of each organization.  

What was needed was a culture shift. 


Every Path is Unique

There are so many ways to engage in volunteerism and for each of us to leave our mark on the world, either five miles down the road or half way around the world.  There isn’t one stock solution for someone’s journey into a missional life.  We’re all unique and we all are called to engage in our own unique way.  

ServiceReef is built to walk with each individual to help capture their missional engagement, their unique interests, allow them to see the impact their having on the world, and invite them in to next steps that are uniquely built for them.  Imagine the serving retention of your community if each person was guided to next step opportunities that speak to their heart and interest.  ServiceReef does just that.  


A Fresh Solution

ServiceReef is your mechanism to cultivate the missional life of your community.  ServiceReef harnesses the power of all the systems you need to automate management while offering intentional triggers to encourage each individual on their unique path of living a missional life.  

Imagine a resource that combines financial management, application management, member management, communications, fundraising, reporting, stories, budgeting, and so much more in one place.  


80% Time Savings

That’s right… 80% time savings!  Our team has carefully studied every stage of managing a mission events and engineered a simple solution to alleviate 80% or more unnecessary time spent to manage your events.  


Honoring Your Donors

Donors are essential for both our mission programs and the means for individuals to explore short term opportunities.  ServiceReef understands this dynamic and has built an entire toolset to automate amazing touch points with donors to help engage them in the broader story, present meaningful pictures of impact, and invite them into other opportunities to serve and give.

We believe that a well honored donor is a lifelong friend and our goal is to honor these donors for their assistance in bringing the vision to life.  We all play a part in this story.

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