ServiceReef is committed to continual development and enhancement of this platform.  This is your platform and your tool to help engage your audience in missional living.  The following list outlines many of the enhancements to your platform 

General Enhancements

Master Application

The Master Application is a tool for organizations to create two separate applications (the Master Application and the Opportunity Application).  The Master Application can apply to any event once selected while the Opportunity Application remains specific to each opportunity.  Upon first use, the applicant would complete both the Master and Opportunity Application when first applying for an opportunity.  Their second application experience would guide them through the Master Application with questions pre-filled and able for edit.  


Background Checks

Organization admins can select if someone has a completed background check and the date of that background check.  Only organization admins can view and edit these settings.  Background documentation cannot be loaded at this time.




Enhanced Admin Settings

Additional tools and filters for event admins to access features of a specific event.  The majority of these setting are related to financial viability and access.


Story Approval

Organizations by default allow their stories to go live or change this setting to approve each story shared before being posted to organization's page.

NOTE: Additional fee may apply for set up.


Organization Wide Email Tool

Expanding the trip email sender and allowing this tool for all members who have served with specific organization.  Filters include date range for when participant has served.


Frequency of Fundraising Progress Notification

Participants can set the frequency of the email alerts for their fundraising progress.  These can be set at daily, weekly, every other week, or turned off.  


Event Admin Summary Emails

Event admins receive a weekly email with a summary of event's participants and fundraising progress.


Social Share - AddThis Tool

The social sharing tool AddThis has been added to personal donation pages and event pages for anyone in your community to share socially through over 40 social tools.


Individual Donation Pages

Each individual accepted/participating on an event that allows fundraising is given a custom page for fundraising.  The user can edit this page to set their welcome letter, cover image, and add a video.  This is a tool for individuals to send out their virtual letter and allow donors quick access to help support them.  These pages also accumulate all the stories shared by anyone on this team to help donors see and learn of the activity. 


Fundraising Progress Bar

Each individual has their own fundraising progress bar to show progress on their donation page.  This can be disabled by the organization if necessary.   


Enhanced Admin Settings

Additional tools and filters for event admins to access features of a specific event.  The majority of these setting are related to financial viability and access.


Budget Builder

Simple budget builder for setting budget, managing expenses, and tracking profit and loss.  

Donor Engagement

Donor Story Email

Donors receive automated email alerts for all new stories posted by anyone they have supported to be serving.  This is built to keep donors engaged and draws them back in automatically to those who they have specifically supported.


Donor Year End Impact Report

Organizations send end of year giving statements (and need to continue).  This tool is meant to accompany any tax related documentation and gives a visual representation of where each donor's impact has been that year.  These visual report show each global touch point for each donor in addition to a report of each organization they have given through to show all the impact points of that organization.  


Custom Sub Domains

This feature allows for organizations to set a custom sub domain for their organization allowing simpler and quicker access for their audience.  

NOTE: Additional fee may apply for set up.


White Labeling

Organizations have the ability to set their custom organization colors and set logo on their page once they have an established sub domain.  

NOTE: Additional fee may apply for set up.


Arena Integration

Native integration with the Shelby Arena database system allowing data access and single sign on.  

*Requires custom set up



JSON REST API read only tool available for organizations to build access points for your data.  This is your data and our goal is to make this as accessible to you as possible.  


MedicalMissions.com Integration

ServiceReef has had an excellent partnership with MedicalMissions.com and continues building in integrations and resources for the MedicalMissions.com community of over 900 missions organizations.  ServiceReef organizations can post trips and allow these trips to populate to MedicalMissions.com and distribute to the 400,000+ annual users of this community.

Introducing Small Groups

Small Groups

Why Small Groups?

It's simple... one of the best ways to first step into missions is digging deeper in your faith walk and this often happens in small groups.  We believe that life change happens in smaller environments and it's just natural to offer a place for groups of people to gather together and learn.  


What tools are available for small groups?

We have built a series of excellent tools to help small groups thrive and to manage themselves.  These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Groups Map
  • Open & Private Groups
  • Unique Page per Group
  • Group Ownership
  • Multiple Group Leaders
  • Manage Group Members
  • Group Registration
  • Curriculum Management
  • Email Sender
  • Stories
  • Group Message Board
  • And more